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Brynn Godenir

Theatre/Film Actor

Brynn Godenir is an actor with a background in both theatre and film. She began taking dance lessons at the age of two, where her passion for performance first presented itself. 


It was Brynn’s dedication to learning and love of classical text that eventually brought her to the National Theatre School of Canada. During her time at NTS, she had the opportunity to perform in numerous productions including Love and Information (Dir. Alisa Palmer), Romeo and Juliet (Dir. Danielle Irvine), Indra's Web (Dir. Arianna Bardesono/Zach Fraser), Burning Vision (Dir. Mike Payette), and Nell Gwynn (Dir. Krista Jackson).

Since graduating in May 2020, Brynn has appeared in the films LOVE STRIKES TWICE, ON THE 12th DATE OF CHRISTMAS, SWEET AUTUMN, THE LOVE SUBSCRIPTION, and CHRISTMAS BY THE BOOK. Brynn has also appeared in the CBC/CW dramas CORONER and BURDEN OF TRUTH landing a regular role in the fourth season. She is currently set to appear in the CW show, TITANS, the short film ERASE & REWIND, and the films, WRITING A LOVE SONG and CHRISTMAS REBOOT.


She is looking forward to playing the lead role of Lyra in Prairie Theatre Exchange's production of Space Girl. A new play being produced this winter, written by Frances Koncon and directed by Krista Jackson.



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